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Our team specializes in social media and music streaming promotion. Utilizing both in-house and third-party team members to target our client's goals. Our promotional work is personal and customizable but you can explore our three packages to better see what level you require. All our packages can be tweaked to fit your budget. Contact us here for more information. 

Twitter Boost

Need a little shot of adrenaline on a Twitter post? This budget-friendly boost can help give your post the attention it needs. We work with North American accounts as well as international accounts to help give a more helpful push. 

Country Streaming Single Blitz 

Dropping a single on an indie budget? Are you looking to boost the social media push of your release? Are you on an independent budget? This might be what you're looking for. This campaign is an intensive, 1-week promotion blitz including:

-Twitter promotion, mentions, tweets and retweets

-Instagram influencer posts

-Spotify playlist pitches to targeted indie curators

-Spotify follower marketing

*All tracks must be approved by staff

Country Streaming Single Professional Push

This includes all the "Blitz" package services as well as:

-Two week campaign

-Pitches to Spotify staff curators  

-International PR release via Newswire, Mi2n and China Dish

-Pitches to The Boot, Whiskey Riff, Country Music Tattle Tale, The Daily Country and The Shotgun Seat

*All tracks must be approved by staff


Contact us here for more information. 

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