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Indie = Awesome

Founded near the banks of the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania, LWM started by releasing music with regional Country and Rock bands before pulling up roots and making the move to Nashville, TN. 

15 years later, LWM remains committed to high-quality, independent music. 

All About Us

LWM was founded in 2006 on a foundation of great, re-written songs. Beginning with a small collection of songs written by founder Andrew Scott Wills, the catalog has since developed into a respectable catalog of copyrights recorded by hundreds of artists in multiple genres around the world. Copyrights includes collaborations with Andy Griggs, The Doobie Brothers, Adam Doleac, Triston Marez, Jared Wade, Kane Brown, Peter & Bruno and Miss America Betty Cantrell. 

Built on a world-class network of music business professionals, LWM has managed to grow steadily despite a financially unsettled industry. And as an active member of the fight for music copyright protection from both unfair streaming rates and piracy.

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